Donovan Mitchell Has Tested Positive For Coronavirus It Turns Out Rudy Gobert Was Touching Everyone’s Stuff…No Seriously


Rudy Gobert currently sitting in the hospital right now:


giphy (4)


So Rudy Gobert was just going around touching everyone’s stuff, probably trying to French kiss people this whole time not taking anything seriously. Then BOOM! Coronavirus. Suspends the NBA for months and is now looking like the biggest asshole ever. Now the star of the team Donovan Mitchell has coronavirus.

If you don’t think I’m not calling Rudy Gobert “Patient 0” for the rest of his time in the league you’ve got another thing coming. I thought people were being too hard on Gobert for the microphone thing, but just going around hocking loogies on people’s equipment feels careless during flu season let alone Coronavirus season.


Looks like Donovan Mitchell joined the infected plane.


Live look at Donovan Mitchell next to Gobert on the flight home:


ice cube

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