A Few Team Updates From The NBA And The Coronavirus

What a wild fucking night. We had games postponed, leagues shutdown and player reactions while they played video games all in the span of like 2 hours. This blog is a little all over the place but what do you expect, here’s a list of shit that happened be happy and read some more blogs, okay? Okay good.

We all know the league is done until further notice and the Rudy Gobert is confirmed to have the Coronavirus. The Thunder players and the Jazz players were held in their respective locker rooms for awhile after the game. Thunder players were all allowed to leave after doctors determined they didn’t have a fever and were told to report any type of sickness to team officials. The Jazz players, as I write this at 1AM have been in their locker for about 4 hours. They have recently all taken the test and are waiting for the results.

The Raptors are having their players self quarantine for the next 14 days. Which I think we had a good guess but this means the NBA is shutdown for at least the next two weeks. Not a huge shocker there.

I imagine in the next few days all teams who have come in contact with Jazz, specifically the Celtics and Knicks, will be self quarantining. Scott Van Pelt made a good point tonight, this won’t be like a lockout. Guys aren’t going to be going on vacation this is a massive pause with a big TBD on when we will click play.

At his post game press conference, Mavs coach, Rick Carlisle said that the NBA is suspended but team ops aren’t. I imagine that will change but he did say the team told its players to be smart and to not leave the city.

I didn’t see this anywhere but big head (Kyle) said the 76ers have suspended all basketball ops until further notice.

Former NBA coach and current Nebraska HC Fred Hoiberg left a game tonight after looking very sick on the bench and went to the hospital. Turns out he just has the common cold and was sent home, concern of course was with him having corona and spreading it but he has had heart problems in the past and people thought something might come of that. Just a bad case of the sniffles.

Last thing, the G League has suspended operations as well.

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