University Of Dayton Had A Coronavirus Party After The School Cancels Classes And The Riot Police Were Called


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Dayton closed the school and canceled classes at 7pm last night and gave 24 hours for students to pack up and get going. So did a bunch of college kids panic and pack up their shit to get out of dodge so they weren’t next to get Coronavirus? Fuck no they satyed and partied with the Coronavirus until they had to be dispersed by riot police. Stay hot Coronavirus! The University of Dayton closes campus and classes the Tuesday before Spring Break what else are college kids going to do? They’re going to party and riot in the name of Coronavirus. You have a Top-5 basketball team making serious noise, you’re in the middle of Dayton, OH with nothing to do and no responsibilities for two weeks, and waiting for your flight down to PCB on Friday. You drink as much beer that is humanly possible and party with your friends. I know we typically hear more stories now more than ever about “woke” & “snowflake” college campuses, but I’m glad there are still college kids out there that just want to party at any opportunity they get.



Oh you to cancel classes because you don’t want students around each other in clusters Dayton Chancellor? Boom. Party with a thousands of people right in your face! You don’t like it? Boom. How about we shut down the streets?



Oh, you called in the SWAT to get us to leave? What’s that pepper? No thanks! I’ve got this Natty Seltzer to chug, bottles to smash, and some cars to jump on. I’m boppin with the boys. You can’t stop the bop, you can only hope to contain it!


The Dayton police finally did win, but I’d like to believe it’s because the Dayton students blacked out and wanted to get a nice 8 hours so they’re ready for the next riot party tonight. At one point, it looked like if everyone was forced to quarantine for 14 days. Just sticking a riot cop on every corner ready to shoot anyone who even looked out their front door.



Dayton is a BIGGGG riot school. Loves riots more than anything.  Imagine if their team wins the National Championship. Might as well wipe Dayton, Ohio off the map!



The damn President of Dayton was crowd surfing during a riot after the Flyers went to the Elite Eight. Watching some old ass dude probably drunk, and rolling on molly crowd-surfing like he was at a Def Leppard concert had to get enrollment up.



They were doing this shit 30 years ago after just making it to the Sweet Sixteen.


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