Turns Out Gregg Murphy Is More Than Just A Phillies Broadcaster


Not sure if this is common knowledge and I’m just late to the party but I don’t care. Look at our guy Gregg Murphy. Jack of all trades.


Slinging homes by day, calling dingers at night. This is the type of 5 tool athlete you need in your city. Can’t wait to hear the calls this summer.

“Let’s kick it out to Murph”

“Thanks T-Mac! I’m out here with Mike and Rebecca. They have a beautiful 3 bedroom 2 and half bath with a breakfast nook that over looks the back yard. Perfect for a young couple looking to start a family. Back to you T-Mac!”

All joking aside, there isn’t anyone else I’d rather buy a house from than Grebb Murphy. When we bought our house our realtor was amazing but the guy that represented the sellers was a dick. Guy was legit rude and acted like he was god’s gift to real estate. But you buy a house from Gregg you’re going to get nothing but a lovely experience. Murph is like everyone’s favorite uncle. That should be his tagline now that I think about it.

“Gregg Murphy Real Estate. Like buying a house from your favorite uncle.”

Needs some work but you get it.





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