The Yankees With The First Case Of CoronaVirus In MLB? Sanchez Misses BP With Fever.

Disclaimer: In no way is this funny. The CoronaVirus is real and thousands are being affected and passing away.

However… Gary Sanchez possibly having the CoronaVirus is just so on par with how this season is starting for the Yankees.

First they lose Paxton to spine surgery. Then they lose Sevy for the year to Tommy John. Giancarlo “Glass” Stanton has been out with a calf. Judge apparently hurt his rib in September…

And they just found out.

Gary left batting practice the other day with a sore back and now…

Sanchez has a fever and has been sent home.

Not at all saying he has CoronaVirus, but imagine if he did? They would have to quarantine the whole team.. The whole Spring Training Facility…

Would the team be ready or be allowed to play on Opening Day? Would MLB be forced to push back the start of the season?

So many questions that hopefully we won’t need answers for. Let’s all hope that this fever that Gary has doesn’t go down the same path the injuries for the Yankees have been going.

Someone go get Gary some Orange Juice!


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