Sharks Likely to Play in Empty Arena

Intern Mitch

Just yesterday the MLB, MLS, NHL, and NBA announced that they are not going to allow reporters in locker rooms over fear of spreading the Corona Virus. The Phillies also wont sign autographs at Clearwater. The XFL will still allow reporters as of right now, because that league is amazingly the wild west. Santa Clara County, California is not messing around when it comes to the spread of the Corona Virus.

The Sharks last 4 games against the Avalanche, Leafs, Wild, and Senators were all feared to be canceled or played in an empty stadium. As of this morning there are 6 cases in Santa Clara County, with one death. Its not improbable for the NHL or the Sharks to cancel their next two home games, or to play in an empty arena. The AHL Charlotte Checkers did play in a empty arena before and its a pretty creepy video. No fans, and just the sounds of hockey. Bojangles Coliseum is a pretty large arena for a AHL team, so its easy to mirror what a empty SAP Center may look like.

Image result for empty hockey arena

Back here on the East Coast there has not been any word on Flyers or Sixers games canceling or doing something similar to what will happen in California. Hockey Leagues across Europe have been canceling or postponing games and playoffs, while the IIHF has canceled almost all of their international tournaments.

Selfishly I am hoping the Sharks do end up playing in a empty arena, just to see how much different the game is and how much you can hear when their isnt 15,000 plus fans in the stands.

The Sharks are on the road this week so we probably will not get confirmation till the team gets back from Colorado.

-Branded Mitch

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