Nine Years Since the Greatest Step Back Jumper in Basketball History

Hard to believe, but we are closing in on a decade since Kemba Walker hit the most lethal step-back buzzer the world has ever seen:

The shot itself is nasty, he put Gary McGhee’s ankles in a blender and drained it right over him. But the context surrounding the shot makes it all the more special. UConn was the lower seed. They were supposed to lose that game. But, they never lost a game again that year. Kemba hits that shot and UConn goes on one of all the all time tears in college basketball. They won the Big East, then they won the National Championship. Ultimate, “put the team on my back” moment.

God I miss the old school Big East tournament. That tournament would last all week, everyone beat the shit out of DePaul and then it was quality basketball from there on out.

As a Sixers fan, if Kemba Walker did that to Joel Embiid in an NBA game, prepare to never hear from me ever again.

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