Joe Biden Calling This Construction Worker A “Horse’s Ass” Before Telling Him To “Step Outside”

Sleepy Joe is sleepy no mo!! Guy is damn near 80 and he was ready to drop the gloves with this construction worker at his own place of business. Not sure if this is his brain short circuited again and he thinks he’s 27 or maybe Joe has finally had enough. He figures being the nice guy from Delaware isn’t going to get the job done this November. Instead his new tactic will be to leave a trail of bodies all over the campaign trail. Oh you want to keep your guns? BANG!! Uppercut to the jaw. You’re pro life? KABLAM!! Elbow drop from the top rope. 

It’s so crazy you have to respect it. If Trump does this the democrats would have a field day with it. CNN loop until the end of time. You have to imagine when Trump sees this video he’s going to blast him for trying to fist fight American voters. But you know the first time he sees it he’ll shed a tear of pride.

“Damnit Joe you son of a bitch you did it!” – Trump (probably)

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