Giants Fans Should Be Worried About Saquon Being A Huge Fuckboy

It should never come to a surprise to anyone to learn an NFL player is also a high level fuckboy. From punters to 1st round draft picks, all of those motherfuckers are more predisposed to cheating than any regular ol accountant.

That’s why no one is at all interested in these once a week stories of Saquon Barkley meeting up with the latest skinny hot blonde model. I bet they haven’t even made it to his current girlfriend and baby’s mothers desk yet.

But I think Giants fans should be very interested in where Saquon is putting his dick besides next to his massive thighs. Saquon can’t pull off being a fuckboy. It would be like having Kawhi host a TV show–just doesn’t work. No chance Saquon becomes a Hall of Famer if he keeps up these antics.

The latest rumors are flying, deservedly so, after seeing these pics of Saquon and Kylie Jenner’s BFF Stassie (no one care what her last name is) having a close conversation after leaving a diner at 5am. Nothing suspicious at all.


That stance is a dead giveaway of a fuckboy. Hands are as far away from her as possible as an extra precaution, no direct eye contact. Absolutely nothing to see here.


Let’s find out how big of a fuckboy we’ve got on our hands. Could it just be that Saquon and his baby mama aren’t together? I mean, if he’s a single guy what’s wrong with him hooking up with an Instagram model during the offseason? That happens at least 4 times an hour.

From looking at Saquon’s Instagram you’d never know his baby even has a mother. There’s more pics of Tom Brady on his page than his “longtime girlfriend” Anna Cogdon. This is his version of that birth announcement photo. Could have used the same one, chose not to.

All sounds good until you look at Anna’s page and they are tagged together looking pretty together on February 10th. 1 short month ago.

Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 11.52.05 PM

9 days later Saquon was spotted out with that week’s skinny blonde model Josie Canseco.

If I’m the baby mama I wouldn’t believe any excuse Saquon tries to use to say he’s not cheating. These photos and videos don’t show anything!! Like bitch please, my guy has a fetish for skinny blonde white chicks, they are fucking.

This is a slippery slope for Saquon and it should worry Giants fans. He’s one degree away from the Kardashians now and one wrong move and Kris Jenner will have him wrapped up in her spider webs. Khloe’s looking for a new man, New York is way better than Cleveland. It’s way past time to expand her empire to the NFL. Believe it or not from what I’ve seen Saquon is weak enough to participate.


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