CANCEL Mrs. Doubtfire The Musical Immediately

This can’t happen. No. No. No. No. NO.

There is only one and can only ever be one Mrs. Doubtfire. Why is the hell would we try to recreate something that is already perfect?!

There is no chance any person in the history of life could live up to Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire… So why even try?

Think they will get close to a better supporting cast? I mean they had Matilda playing his daughter and fuckin James Bond player Stu. GTFO

Now… Ontop of all that, it’s a MUSICAL?! The only music I want in my Mrs. Doubtfire is Jump Around and her singing “match maker match maker… Make me a match.. Find me a find.”

And, what is worse than all of that?



I say shame on you Rob McClure for trying to bring a PERFECT American classic to Broadway and ruining it.

IF anyone goes to see this shit they must be required to watch the one and only original movie first so that when they walk out of the theater they say…

Image – Broadway

That was shit.

Feature Image – NYT

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