Starfish(es) Need To Be Removed From The Planet


Nope. Can’t have that thing coming up on shore. Not with everything that is going on right now. Coronavirus is enough I don’t need an alien race moonlighting as a sea creature walking on it’s jelly legs looking like the Facehugger from Alien vs Predator.



What’s next? Jellyfish start coming up on land to walk on their tentacles? Giant Squid configure breathing apparatus’ and start cumming all over innocent children with their black ink? People have to understand this video isn’t meant to be taken lightly. This is a warning shot right across the bowel. I’ve never seen starfish walk. So are they evolving? Will they be running by the end of the decade? Have disposable thumbs by 2032?

“Oh, cool! Look at that cute starfish walking around waving it’s starfish arms like it’s a whacky inflatable mascot at a car dealership.”

I don’t trust animals that don’t have a plural use of their name either. It shouldn’t be just starfish. That’s confusing. When the aliens come down to take over the planet how is the military going to communicate how many starfish(es) they need to kill? “Hey, the starfish(es) are in the White House. The President’s in danger.” Well are there 1 starfish or 100 starfish(es). Seems like something we should probably figure out soon. That goes for you too Moose. I’m onto you.

Everyone else can play naive, but I refuse to be that gullible. When the aliens are blatantly just laughing at us because we think Starfish are so cute & dumb they could never harm our planet. Look at this starfish! Just selling sex to throw us off her scent while she’s curating data about our planet to report back to the Mothership. She is thicccccc as fuck though. Sir Mix-A-Lot would definitely try to fuck this starfish.



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March 9, 2020 2:56 pm

What the fuck