SI Gave Some Possible Backup Quarterbacks The Eagles Might Sign And Yikes


SI.Com: “The Eagles may go in search of a veteran when free agency begins.

Perhaps the one who makes the most sense is Case Keenum, who is just 32 and has made 62 career starts. Ryan Tannehill is 32 and is scheduled to be a free agent. If the Titans sign Brady, Tannehill will likely hit the market.

Chances are Tannehill will get paid starter’s money somewhere, but, again, one never knows for sure.

A.J. McCarron could also be an option. He is just 29, but has made just four starts with 173 pass attempts in six years.

Ummmmmmm……Hard pass. I don’t know who this Ed Kracz is writing for SI but I am going to say he’s not good at it. First off, no shot in blue hell the Eagles pursue Tannehill. He is without a shadow of a doubt getting starter money somewhere. There are just too many teams that are going to be looking for quarterbacks to think Tannehill isn’t going to be over paid. He was being talked about at the end of the year as a borderline MVP. Now all those people were from Nashville but the numbers were still impressive.

And Case Keenum I can understand why the name makes sense. Safe backup that has some experience. Only issue is all his experience involves being terrible at football when it matters most.  I’d rather have Sudfeld or 165 year old Josh McCown over Keenum at this point. Which is most likely what will happen. Sudfeld will most likely be resigned as Wentz’ backup and if not I’ll be excited to watch him suit up for the DC Defenders next year.

And lastly, AJ McCarron? Do you now the last time AJ McCarron threw a touchdown pass? Take a wild guess. If you had January 3rd 2016 you win. That’s right, the guy hasn’t thrown a TD since 2016. That’s an entire president ago. If the Eagles sign AJ McCarron I will eat a hat.

Just get someone that will be ready IF we need them. And I don’t want to hear all this “Carson always gets hurt, what do you mean if?” The guy played all 16 last year, carried that team to a division title and was knocked out on a cheap shot. Carson is just fine. Now I’m going to take a walk in this beautiful weather to calm myself down.

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