Brady Launches 199 Productions And All But Guarantees His Return To The Pats

Brady, with help from the guys who made End Game, launched his brand new production company. 199 Productions. We already have the first movie that will be made under the 199 Productions umbrella, “Unseen Football”. Brady for the last ten or so years has been running TB12 and it was only a matter of time before he branched out even more. I think the timing of this is very important.

Brady doesn’t need his own production company to make movies, anyone would work with Tom. Starting his own company of course it comes with other perks as well but this is income that he doesn’t have to be super hands on with. Oh the Russo brothers are making a movie under the 199 name? Money in Toms pocket without lifting a finger. That’s huge for two reasons, Tom recognizes he only has so many years left playing football and needs a retirement plan. This also gives him the influx of money that will keep him in New England.

Tom doesn’t need to be in LA to make this new company successful. Any meetings can be done over the phone and it’s not like he’d be blowing off practice to go to the studio no matter what team he plays for. But hypothetically if the Chargers offer $10 million per year and that Pats offer $8 million, Brady gets to stay where he is comfortable in New England and won’t feel the hit from the lesser contract.

Let’s also not forget what the company is named after. 199 Productions. Of course it stands for the hard work and determination Tom had to put in to be the best. It’s a fantastic motivator and a chip on his shoulder even after all the success he’s had. In a more literal sense 199 will forever be linked to New England. Every single team passed on him, multiple times. Only one team gave him a chance and he just named his new company after the opportunity that they gave him.

Brady will be back in New England and if you still aren’t seeing the writing on the wall you just aren’t looking.

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