What an absolute lunatic Alex Rodriguez is! Could you imagine on a casual Sunday he’s hanging out, hungover, probably re-watching Love Is Blind or Knocked Up for the 100th time. And he decides he’s really in the mood to cross-dress. So he looks at JLo and and tells her to make him a TikTok and explains his idea. And that’s how we get this masterpiece of a cross dressing A-Rod video he just casually dropped at midnight. Felt like we finally got Detox.

That was like an M. Night cliffhanger right there. I thought J Lo dripping sex was enough to intro his new Tik Tok. Nope he had to turn it up 1,000 degrees. Just flashing his dick and balls all in our faces on a random Sunday.

Before you try to tell me he’s just having fun and it wasn’t his insatiable desire to experience what wearing JLo’s clothes is like. First, shut the fuck up. Remember this is the same guy who took this picture and has a painting of him as a centaur in his house.

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