Aaron Nola Scratched Due To The “Flu” And I’m Officially Concerned About The Coronavirus

Please god, take anyone but Aaron Nola. We’ve got guys like Alex Bregman and every other Astro walking around but Nola gets hit with this “flu.”

I’m not saying this a is a Corona cover up but I am officially concerned. The stock market tanking doesn’t scare me because I’m sure that will bounce back. Not looking at my 401K until it does. Don’t need that heart attack. But if Coronoa comes for my ace on the Phillies, we have ourselves a big problem. I will clap Corona so quick if it even thinks about coming for one of these guys.

Also side note. To all the grown adults getting upset that they aren’t letting the players do autographs right now need to relax. It’s a person signing something, you’ll be fine. I’m sure your wall is covered with sports memorabilia, that one hat isn’t going to make or break it. And if one of the players did get sick from a fan you ass holes would be the first people screaming “poor management.”

Take a breathe

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