A Television Preacher Just Declared Coronavirus Illegal. Cya Coronavirus


How the fuck is Coronavirus going to come back from this? The Intercessors are all over the Coronavirus’ ass. They haven’t slept. They’re on Wall Street. They’re in the sewers on the roofs cleaning up the streets of Coronavirus everywhere. Cindy Jacobs doesn’t care one iota about the Coronavirus because it’s now illegal. Didn’t you hear? Cindy just ordered it to cease worldwide and she’s a direct Prophet of the Most High himself.

Hey Stock Market? Hear that? You got word of a little Coronavirus and ran scared like a little bitch. Packed up your belongings and went home to the wife and kids. Should’ve had Cindy Jacobs running the Stock Market from the beginning. I wouldn’t have lost all my life’s savings over the last 10 days if they would’ve.


Also, hey Israel? Fuck you. You have the vaccines? Maybe share that information with the rest of us. Do they not get TV over in Israel? Is it a third world country or something? Just holding out on the vaccines when everyone’s turning into zombies.

Who are these Intercessors by the way? Sounds like a bunch of crime fighting superheroes in Hazmat suits. Marvel’s going to have a trailer out by May with the next Avengers and the Intercessors are going to be in it. Just taking Coronavirus out of all these people and giving it to Thanos instead.

So since the Coronavirus is illegal now. If it takes over my body I can rightfully sue the Coronavirus for all it’s worth, right? It’s going to be called Kylevirus by noon Friday hits. My Q rating will skyrocket.

You know the most impressive thing about Fat Laura Bush in this video is she didn’t stumble over intercessors once. It’s not easy to go full preach and not stumble over a word with like 9 S’s in it.

Unintentional comedy here, but Cindy Jacobs loves herself some Puerto Ricans. Probably has a pool boy fetish on YouJizz she can’t control.


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