Wilson Better Refund Reader John’s Jose Altuve Glove Or Else #NoGloveNoLove

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Wilson if you know what’s good for you, you’ll replace John’s glove by sundown. If not, you better have your crisis PR agency on retainer because it’s going to be hell to pay. John tagged us in the above tweet and basically cried out for help as a last resort. Little ol John might feel powerless unable to do anything, but I can tell you we’re here for you John. Branded Sports speaks up for the little guy.

Speaking of coming up short. Refund John’s Jose Altuve glove. #NoGloveNoLove. In this house there will be no cheating/cheaters allowed. John rather cut off his own hand then wear a glove with blood on it. He respects the purity of baseball. How’s he going to field grounders in beer league softball knowing he has a Cheater’s Name attached to his right hand? When he bought this glove he didn’t know the Astros were stealing signs. He was fooled that 5’7 Jose Altuve could really win an MVP legitimately. He was blindsided by this. Probably couldn’t get out of bed for weeks when he heard the news. That’s why he just tweeted us 3 months after it came out. Dusted off the new glove he bought at Modell’s liquidation sale and noticed a heathen’s name was stitched into it. John’s wearing a Scarlet Letter. So as John’s new court appointed lawyer I command you to give him a brand new Andrew Judge A2000 glove.

Wouldn’t be surprised if John bought this off of Etsy once he heard the news.

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