Some Lakers Fan Heckled Giannis And His Brother In Greek And They Went Off

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If you’re a Sixers fan and didn’t go out and buy Rosetta Stone after seeing this video you’re not a in the best interest of the team. Look at what a little Greek heckling did to Giannis and his brother. Sent them in a fucking tailspin. Maybe Giannis is so calm on the court because he doesn’t understand American heckling. Once you flip it on him and go Greek on his ass that’s when you completely throw him off his game. So what did the fan say?

Pretty tame because he was getting “Fucking Cocksucker Bitch” yelled at him on Christmas. But supposedly you “ate it in the ass” basically means he “ate dick” and it’s a no no in Greece.

I mean this is an even worse look for Giannis. Get a fucking backbone dude. I’ll see you in the 2nd round. By April I’ll be saying “Your countries economy crumbled the entire EU currency.” “The Parthenon is a tourist trap.” “Acropolis? More like A-crap-olis.” He’ll be a puddle by the time the game starts.

Sixers in 4.

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Mozer G.
March 8, 2020 3:56 am

Is you end up making it to the playoffs at all….