Jimmy Dingers Weekend Winners


Saturday morning. Not hungover. Know why? Its focus time. Game time. Need a clear head for these picks. Alcohol clouds judgment. Poor man’s game. Game of a LOSER.

I’ll drink again tomorrow night don’t worry. I just have work early this morning. I’m just on this high. Let me feel better than you. Let me have this.

Picks were hot last week! They’re always hot with me but its time to bounce back. The stock market is tanking because of this Cononavirus or whatever. Don’t know don’t care. I have advice for all you hedge fund managers on Wall Street:

Fuck your investors, fuck your quotas and what’s in your head. Do the smart thing. Take out all the money you oversee and invest it in my picks. My picks don’t crash because of some virus. They win. Most of the time they win.

Anyway, without any more deliberation and pointless words:


Tennesee ML and Over 137

Kansas -3.5

Boston College ML +1050 (I have no actual belief in this. It’s just the hometown pick and I’d bet a dollar to get 10.5)

UNC +11.5 and Over


Jazz -8

Sixers -2

Trail Blazers -3


Kentucky +3 and Over 136

Kentucky coming off the loss from Tennesee is all they need to build that focus. They’ve won 8 of their last 9 and are locked in for the end of March. Calipari is a great coach and I see this going his way.

Winnings go to my venmo: @jimmyt523. Good luck to my devoted 4 readers. May the gambling gods be kind today.

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