Tom Brady and Antonio Brown Continue On Again Off Again Relationship

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What in Robert Kraft’s name is going on here? is Antonio Brown coming back to the NFL for the 50th time this year? I mean coming or going, make a decision. And I get Tom is trying to be the sweetheart we all know he is but it’s time to break it off with this guy. Like any toxic relationship, they had one great time together. And that’s it. Now Antonio is trying to consistently walk in and out of Tom’s life and I for one won’t stand for it.

Tom needs a committed relationship, he’s not some floozy. And with Antonio playing all these mind games it’s just not healthy for Tom’s development as a person. Listen Antonio, it’s not us. It’s you. We’re on to free agency.

Ps. With the receivers that suited up this year you can’t blame Tommy for having wondering eyes.

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