This Bloomberg Tweet About How He Could Give A Million To Every Citizen Is Breaking Everyone’s Brains

So this tweet went Full Vi over the last couple of days. Mekita Rivas just not fully understanding what math is. Listen I’ll be the first to tell you I’m bad at math. Think I got to Calc II in college, and had to cheat on the final just to squeak out a C-. But even I understand that math doesn’t add up. And that’s not even the worst part about it. It’s the smugness oozing out of the tweet. I can almost smell the smug coming out of that tweet. You know she was sitting on her couch of her studio apartment in the DuPont area of DC. Just ready to crush Bloomberg for all the money he spent on his campaign without winning one state. Yelling at him because he could’ve gave $1 million to everyone in the U.S. instead of waste it on ad’s. She sent that with such confidence and waited for the RT’s to pour in. Feeding her ego and ready to pin the tweet to the top of her profile so everyone can know how smart and witty she is. Just such an outside the box thinker our Mekita is.

Instead she got stuffed in a locker not realizing that what Bloomy spent on ad’s would only be $1.50 divided to everyone in the U.S. Thanks bit no thanks bloomy. I’ll buy my own stick of gum.

So you think she’d issue an apology and delete the tweet. Nope, instead of that she just doubled down.

Hey Bloomy, you know all that money you worked tirelessly for and made smart and strategic deals? Well just give me $1 million. You can afford it. It’s not even a drop in the bucket for you.

*Quick Google check of what Bloomy’s worth…

0-2 Toots!

What’s worse is people actually saw the tweet and ran with it on MSNBC.

Sheesh no one’s stock has plummeted faster than Brian Williams’ in the last couple of years. I mean how many producers did this have to get by? 5 at least?

The worst part is she went dark. She protected her tweets. No. No. No. you can’t just run and hide like that Mekita. Own up to your mistake like a man!

You’re lying if you didn’t think there was going to be armpit hair in this picture.

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