Guy Sic’s Pit Bull On Gas Station Bum In North Philly



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SOURCE – PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Philadelphia police say a suspect ordered his dog to attack a man who was trying to make a few bucks pumping gas. The victim tells Action News he thought he was going to die.

It happened at a gas station located on the 2900 block of North Broad Street around midnight Tuesday.

Police say the suspect and an unidentified woman were involved in an argument when they encountered a 62-year-old man who was trying to make a few extra bucks pumping gas.

That’s when police say the suspect told him to leave and ordered his pit bull to attack the man.

Police say the suspect left the victim in the street and fled the scene.

“He didn’t like him pumping gas. It’s that simple, he did not like him there pumping gas,” said Lt. Masai Martin.

The victim is well known to the area around the gas station.

“Oh, his name is, his name is Buzzhead,” said Kevin Dent of North Philadelphia.

So are we supposed to feel bad for gas station bums now? I’m not saying the dude should’ve sic’d his pitbull on the guy, that was definitely wrong. I can sympathize with that. But you’d think the bum was murdered in cold blood the uproar this story has got. Buzzhead is the gas station bum of the North Philly Speedway. Maybe Buzzhead needs to read the room a little more. I know it’s hard out there for a bum to make a couple extra dollars, but when some dude is fighting with his girlfriend maybe it’s not the proper time to ask him if you can pump his gas for some money. I’d probably just sit that potential lead out. If I was camping, and I saw some gasoline being poured on a fire. I wouldn’t wait for the guy to be done pouring the gas on the fire and throw the whole container in their with it causing an explosion.

Police say all the suspect had to do was say no, pump his own gas and drive off. But instead, he threatened Dunston.

Oh is it just that easy Philly PD? Because what gas station bum have you ever met that’s taken no for an answer. I’ve been living in Philly for almost 10 years. Not once has a bum taken my first no for an answer. ESPECIALLY at a gas station. Those dudes are as persistent as the robocallers from “American Healthcare” that call me on a South Jersey number everyday around 11am. So excuse me if I don’t believe Buzzhead immediately walked away and the guy decided to let his dog loose on him anyway. I’ve got hundreds of years of bum science on my side that say Buzzhead isn’t totally innocent.

Also, where is the dog holding on to a man’s leg here? That looks like a smudge on a camera? Am I taking crazy pills?

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 9.08.11 PM

Again. I believe Buzzhead when he says the guy released his dog on him. Because that guy definitely looks like someone who would release their pitbull on someone. But forgive me if I’m supposed to feel bad for a gas station bum who’s job it is to harass people trying to pump gas.

I’ll say something nice about Buzzhead.

All-time gas station bum nickname.

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