Give Me Racing Drones At The Masters For The Golf Footage Alone


Holy shit! That felt like I was playing Golden Tee or just launched a Hail Mary in Madden. If golf wants to separate themselves they need to hire the best players from the Drone Racing League as cameramen. Could you imagine tracking a Brooks Koepka drive off the tee? None of us can appreciate a 370 PISS MISSILE down the center of the fairway on TV and in person you tend to lose track of it. Not with racing drones. Who ever was driving that thing was a pro.  I know a 9-iron from 137 yds out is a lot different then bombing it off the tee, but it’s worth a try. My dumb brain thought the Fox Shot Tracker a couple years back was revolutionary.


Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 11.42.20 PM


Imagine racing drones so close you could count the dimples on the ball. Plus after the tournament is over the top-5 finishers have to compete and race the drones. Winner get’s 30% of the tournament winner’s purse unless the champ can fend them off. Adds a whole new wrinkle to golf and if I can bet on it, I’m in.

Can you imagine the creation of the new advanced stats of “Balls Driven Faster Than Drone” or “Balls Hit By Drone” on Golf Reference?


Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 11.37.43 PM


“Yea, Rory McIlroy’s driving distance was down from 2018, but didn’t you see that 10 of his balls were hit by a racing drone?”

No doubt  golf has already thought about implementing this technology, but is scared of losing out on fans attending the tournaments in favor of outstanding golf coverage in the comfort of their own home. To which I say the NBA just signed a $10 billion TV deal a couple seasons back. Bring on the Racing Drones!

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