Daddy’s Finally Happy: Gordon Hayward Is Having A Boy

Sure, Gordon Hayward is pretty good at basketball–but he’s known best for his horrific leg injury (I’ve still never watched it), and for his reaction to finding out he was having a 3rd daughter.

Hayward made an entire brand out of his misery of being a girl dad, right before being a girl dad became so cool. Despite embracing the joke and coming out with his own merch, something told me Gordon would keep on trying until he got a boy. It’s a good thing it happened on baby 4 or else he might have been traded back to the Jazz.


Great news, Gordon and his wife Robyn announced they are indeed expecting a son in September. Probably should have muted the comments since there is a deep, healthy conversation about genders of children going on in there. There was no formal video gender reveal for this one, probably because they were genuinely scared how he’d react on camera if it were another girl. You can’t recreate that first one if you tried.

Congrats to the Haywards, and especially Gordon who has not rested since he first started having kids. 4 in 5 years? I guess when your wife looks like this what else are you gonna do.



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