The Good Guy of Golf Brandon Matthews Hit PISS MISSILES In Round 1 Of The Arnie


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If you don’t know who Brandon Matthews is you must be living under a rock. Watch the above video which went insanely viral. He’s the Good Guy of Golf, but he also goes by the Dupont Driller, Pittston Piper, and Sex Pistol.


He hasn’t acknowledged any of those nicknames yet, but he will. Look at what I found on his Wikipedia (definitely did not edit it myself).


Matthews, who typically plays on the Tour, think G League for baseball, was given a sponsors exemption for his role in the above video with the fan to the Arnold Palmer Invitational. This is his first PGA Tour competition ever. And as the Official golfer of Branded Sports, we are all aboard the BMatt Train and the bombs he hits.


Hole #1:

The first hole didn’t start out the strongest as he bogeyed going bunker to bunker. Fun fact Florida does have to much sand in it.



He still put it within 10 feet from the Beach to save Bogey on #1.


Hole #2:

On #2 he chipped off of a damn sprinkler head and saved par because the PGA Officials aren’t as forgiving as Brandon is. Sad to see. They probably would’ve had the fan with down syndrome banned from all PGA Tour events ever if they were in his position.


Hole #3:

He hit an absolute PISS MISSILE 370 yards which was his longest drive of the day. 370 yards. Is that good??? At that point there were a couple of former Major champs that were tasting the Driller’s dust at that point.


Hole #4:

The PGA Tour Leaderboard sent me for a ride as they originally reported a Double Bogey on #4, but it turned out to be bogey. I even chirped the “real” Brandon Matthews tracker and looked like an idiot. Get it together before the Masters PGA Leaderboard…


Hole #5:

Needed a Lake Split!


Kind of got a lake split


Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 5.11.00 PM


Hole #6-#9:

Everyone can drive for show, but it’s the putting that gets you the dough. Absolute beauty of a 50 foot putt within 2 feet for the tap in par. The Dupont Driller isn’t all brute force. He’s got that finesse too.


Through 9 the Driller was +2, but it definitely didn’t feel like +2 it felt like -2. Didn’t matter. A couple beers at the Halfway House for the fellas and we’re on to #10.

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 5.14.35 PM

Hole #10:

And the drive on 10 not disappoint! Look at this PISS MISSILE he crushed for 356 yards on 10!


HOLE #12 

On 12 he hit so far left it voted for Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday.


But he fought back for a huge par and that’s just #TempleTUFF and North Philly Tough.


All these other country club players he’s playing with on Tour don’t understand. Blue Collar Brandon was chipping off of asphalt over cars on Broad Street in the Concrete Jungle while these kids were playing on manicured lawns. Mental is half the game and our guys got more mental in his Medulla oblongata than Rain Man.


HOLE #13-#15

Driller was putting good consistently all day. He was 2ft. from a Tweetie on 13. Slipped up on the Par 3 #14 putting it on the Beach off the tee and bogeying. On #15 he had another birdie putt that came within 18 inches of the hole that he slammed home for a par.


HOLE #16-#18

 The Driller finished the last three holes like he started most of the day with three consecutive pars. Staying consistent to round out the day. Birdie looks hopefully drop tomorrow.

The Driller played just as perfect of a round as you could play for your first PGA Tour event ever. The wind was insane all day. It was wind that sent the ball in every which way except straight. He’s not going to be happy because he’s a pro golfer but 3 bogies ain’t bad. Those 9 consecutive par’s showed some brass balls. I’d be a god damn puddle playing in my first PGA Tourney. Hell, I can barely drive on the #1 tee when I have a foursome watching me. Three bogies put him in the additive property territory, but he kept fighting. Looking forward to watching him shoot for the Cut tomorrow.

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