The Flyers Have Won 8 In A Row And Are Now First In The Metro


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If your favorite team is in the Metro Division and they aren’t named the Philadelphia Flyers then how’s our fucking dust taste? Noticed I said our because I’ve been living and dying with this team for a whole month now. Ever since I stepped into the Wells Fargo January 21st and they beat the Pens 3-0 this team has been on a roll. Is that moment the reason the Flyers turned their season around? I’m not one to say. I’ll let the other diehards decide that, but Chuck Fletcher let me know if you need my ring size.

The Flyers did exactly what they needed to do tonight. Capitalize on mistakes. Dump n chase. Find the open man. Shoot. Score. If you felt uneasy at any point of that game tonight you can take your pink Flyers hat and throw it out. Because let me tell you something. Playoff hockey isn’t for the faint of heart. You think the boys are buzzin now? Turn that up to 11 in the playoffs.

This hockey thing is easy. I can’t believe we haven’t won a cup since the ’70s.

It’s Score. Rinse. Repeat. Ride the hot goalie. Drink out of the Cup.

Flyers in 4.















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