Lacrosse Has a New Hero

This is in no way body shamming.

As a former big man lacrosse player, I wish I had this kids handles. It’s all happening in slow motion sure but the form is all the way there.

#67 is my new favorite Lacrosse player. From the pure power of his shoulder bump, Then into his “Dodge” to swim move #67 has more skills than I ever had.

Also he switched hands, shows unreal cradling skills. He may have run out of gas at the end or that little kid landed a slash. I don’t know very questionable whistle blow. My only other guess is he did not get a touch of the box in the allotted time. Conditioning was not for me either.

If you ever played lax there was always the big guy Attack man who was just a bear and caught the ball in the middle of the box and ripped shots. #67 has a real chance at a 30 goals season.

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