Has Anyone Checked On LeBron For Schizophrenia?

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LeBron’s Instagram post is pretty concerning if I was a Lakers fan. That much internal discussion with yourself over a jumper can’t be healthy for your psyche. That internal voice is a real bitch. You have to block it out at all costs or it’s going to eat you alive. Look at him on the bench last week. That’s Schizo behavior. This is starting to feel like a cry for help.

On the other hand this could be an even bigger problem. Schizophrenia is no joke. I would know. You take one walk through Suburban train station and you need to dodge the Schizos from trying to murder you. It’s like constantly having the devil on one shoulder and an angel on another.

Remember that Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr movie about the gifted violinist and LA Times reporter? That was a tough watch.

Anyway, all I’m saying is if Adam Silver cares that much about mental health like he says he does I think he has to force the Lakers to sit LeBron for the rest of the season.

Does this blog correlate to I have a future on the Clips taking the West? No. Why do you ask?

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