ESPN Is Trying To Trade For Al Michaels, So Now I want To Trade For Someone

NYPost: ESPN would like to team Michaels with Peyton Manning in its dream booth, according to sources. Manning is now ESPN’s top choice as analyst after Tony Romo agreed to his 10-year, $180 million deal to remain with CBS last week.

ESPN has also shown interest in free-agent quarterback Philip Rivers, according to sources. Rivers, 38, has said he intends to continue playing. NFL free agency officially begins March 18, but agents can start talking to teams on March 16.”

First off, I can’t be the only person that had no clue these guys could be traded right? This is incredible. Al Michaels is 78 years old and he’s about to be dealt. Imagine this Woj bomb. If you were on twitter and saw Al Michaels has been traded to ESPN, you wouldn’t believe it, not for a second. You think it was that ass hat Barry or some other person that makes fake Woj accounts for whatever reason.

But I love this and it makes me think, can I trade for a blogger/content creator? I would like to make a formal offer to WIP for Jack Fritz. The offer for Jack is below:

WIP will be sending:

  • Jack Fritz
  • 1 hour of Jon Marks and/or James Seltzer a week

Branded will be sending:

  • All 147 lbs of Eddie
  • Free merch
  • All 3 interns: Alex something, the Italian kid and the third one too
  • Two 1st round picks
  • Unlimited drinks at Pass and Stow during all afternoon games

WIP has 24 hours to respond.

Thank you

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