End of an Era: Jason Peters Out in Philadelphia

The old saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

I remember when my dog got older, he could still perform day to day functions, but everything slowed down for him. He didn’t run around the yard like he used to, he barely made it to his food bowl. We loved him for all the amazing years he gave us but we knew the end was near. That’s what it’s been like watching Jason Peters these past few seasons. The shell of a Pro-Bowl offensive lineman was in there, but the time had come to “go to the farm upstate”.

JP has been an anchor on that line for over a decade and was solid week in and week out. It’s still a minor miracle this team won a Super Bowl with Big V filling in for Peters after a knee injury ended his 2017 season. He probably doesn’t have crazy highlights like skill position players, but he is the focal point of one of the fans favorite videos of all time:

Hate to make his crowning moment with the Eagles as a moment that didn’t really involve football at all, or the level he played at. But, this showed that The Bodyguard took his name and reputation seriously, there was no length this guy wouldn’t go to protect his quarterback. Every offensive line should be anchored by a savage like this.

So I say to you, Andre Dillard, you have big shoes to fill. You have a ton of promise but we understand you can’t fill the shoes of a future hall-of-famer overnight. But, as an ode to your predecessor, you can start by drawing a false start penalty once a game while jumping the snap count too quickly.

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