CEO Joe Is A Scumbag And A Shitty GM

Here I am at work just mailing it in like all of us do and I see this tweet.

I, like all of you, are like woah can you actually trade commentators? That’s crazy! Let’s see what is happening and then I see this bullshit.

Old man Joe has officially lost his fucking mind. Didn’t realize being 40 turns you into an idiot. Let’s talk about this, I want to dive the fuck in.

1. No clue who Jack Fritz is but I know he is way shittier at whatever he does than me. I don’t really do anything and Fritzy couldn’t hold my jock strap. Also Jack Fritz is for sure a made up name.

2. Joe Pop, that old dusty fuck, is genuinely the worst GM ever. I mean what an awful return! Ignore the interns, which by the way why do we have interns? They have to be as useless as Joes dick at this point in his life. This is the Warriors “trading” Kevin Durant this last off-season. But instead of getting DLo in return Branded would get like Delonte West.

3. Philly is far too soft for me. Loser mindset. No one here is a winner and that is just obvious.

A few unneeded shots but that’s okay. The important thing everyone needs to know is that Joe is old, bad at sex and I weigh 170lbs.

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