Start Your Day With Lil Dicky


Lil’ Dicky has been on a meteoric rise since $ave Dat Money came out almost 5 years ago. He had cameo after cameo in that video from Mark Cuban to T-Pain to a nice Jewish lady that let him film at her house.

Tonight his show on FXX debuts called “Dave” at 10pm which is loosely based off of his life. Is Lil Dicky a top 5 most famous Philadelphian right now? You gotta think Kevin Hart and Bradley Cooper are #1 & #2. Followed by Will Smith and Meek Mill and then Dave “Lil Dicky” Burd to round out the top. Anyway, enjoy some Lil Dicky freestyles, songs, and cameos and watch his show tonight. Support your Philly guys.

Sidenote: Why’s it called a meteoric rise if meteors fall from space and fizzle out?









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