Report: Call Between Brady And Bellichick Didn’t Go Well

The Score: “After weeks of failing to make contact, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick spoke with Brady on Tuesday via phone call and the conversation regarding the quarterback’s pending free agency “didn’t go well,” a source told Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald. The impression drawn from the conversation was that Belichick spoke as if Brady was “still under contract,” according to NBC’s Tom E. Curran.

Hold up, you want us to believe some source over heard a private conversation between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick? GTFOH. Who is the source? Verizon Wireless? No shot this is true. And to double down on this, in my opinion, lie and say Brady was upset because Bill talked to him as if he is still under contract is nothing short of insane.

The free agency period doesn’t start until March 18th, he is under contract still. Brady isn’t an idiot. If these two were on the phone and Bill spoke as if he is still on the roster, Brady wouldn’t get upset about that. Unless the conversation went something like this:

Bill: “Hey Tom.”

Tom: “Hey Bill.”

Bill: “Let’s cut the shit. You still belong to me and you always will. I’m your daddy, SAY IT!!!”

Tom: “Bill, I just want a change.”

Bill: “SAY IT BITCH!!!!!!!”

Tom: “……….you’re my daddy.”

Boston media stinks out loud. This is just example 36784347892340.

Brady back in Boston, book it.


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