Johny Boychuk Takes A Skate to the Eye! Get’s 90 Stitches

If you missed this last night, It was terrifying. Watch this video below.

Hockey Guys are tough and there are not many guys in the NHL like Johny Boychuk.

First off he is okay, he did receive 90 stitches to the eye lid. His actual eye was not damaged or hurt in anyway.

But as Dwight Famously said….

Dwight The Eyes Are The Groin Of The Head GIF - Dwight TheEyesAreTheGroinOfTheHead TheOffice GIFs

This injury could not come at a worse time for the Isles, they are falling apart at the seams and have now lost four games in a row and are 2-6-2 in their last ten.

They sit tied with the Blue Jackets at 78 points holding down the 7th and 8th seed for the Eastern conference Playoffs.

Now with the loss of a key member of the Defensive Pairings, the Islanders are determined to make me sweat out the remainder of this playoff push.



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