I Think Bryce Harper Just Caused A 10 Car Pileup On A Florida Highway With This Home Run


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I don’t know if that ball has landed and if it did it went through some 60 year old’s windshield and caused a massive crash on the highway claiming at least 5 lives. ‘Ol Blue Hairs in Florida can’t be startled having a baseball fly through your window with no warning. All the Olds thought the Coronavirus was going to kill them, but it turns out a baseball hit by Bryce Harper and their shoddy reflexes were it all it took to call it a life.

Btw, the power doesn’t stop there. Look at the potential the beginning of the lineup could produce this season.



JT Realmuto is in a big Fuck You, Pay Me mood. Bryce mashes dingers with the best of them. And Scott Kingery turned into baseball’s version of a Monstar by stealing Mike Trout’s powers. Look at the size of him!


Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 6.53.33 PM


He looks like your friend who went to Florida State for college and joined TKE freshman year and started doing nothing but juicing and lifting on the front lawn of the frat.







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