Did Joe Biden Say He Bangs His Sister During His Victory Speech Last Night?


Joe, you good dude? Before we get into this, once again a disclaimer, we’re not a political blog and we don’t care who you vote for. Bernie, Biden, Trump or Mickey Mouse. Doesn’t matter to us, we love you the same. With that being said, can’t mix up your sister and wife. Just can’t do it. Tough look no matter the situation. Trump and his supporters are going to have a field day with this. As they should, remember the shit storm he got for the Kansas tweet? 

I feel like Biden is just so excited to be running for president that he can’t keep anything straight. So far in the last couple weeks he said over 150 million people (half the American population) died from gun violence the last 12 years, he called it ‘Super Thursday’ and now he can’t keep his sister and his wife straight. Like a golden retriever trying to sit when you they know you have a treat. 

I can’t wait for the debates this fall. They are going to be must see tv. I hope Bernie doesn’t win the nominee because watching Trump beat up on him will be tough to watch. Sanders seems like a great pop-pop. But watching Biden and Trump go toe to toe will be a tasty treat. Just nonsensical statement after nonsensical statement. By the end we’ll all be confused. Lets fast forward summer and get right to it. 

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