Spike Lee Will Not Attend Another Knicks Game for the Rest of This Season


Here’s the video of Spike Lee getting “Charles Oakley’d” last night at MSG:


Spike Lee’s used the same entrance for 28 years when going to Knicks games, and last night, he was told he had to use a different one. So naturally, he was furious and went on First Take this morning to cry about it.



This is clearly being blown out of proportion here. I mean, what else is new, someone is upset at James Dolan and the Knicks.  I think Spike is blowing this story out of proportion to get some extra TV time.

I mean the typical reaction here is to call Dolan a dick here, but I think the Knicks are honestly doing Spike a favor. The Knicks blow, Spike should really find a new hobby, and I think this was a Dolan looking out for Spike. I mean who in their right minds wants to continuously sit courtside at MSG to watch the Knicks play terrible basketball.

This is a man who has given millions of dollars to this Knicks franchise over his lifetime to become their #1 fan, clearly has zero respect from the Knicks.



Yeah, no shit you look stupid now. You have spent $10 million over your life to sit courtside at Knicks games. Fuck your typical courtside seat, you should be on the bench as a reserve or something.

Spike says he won’t attend another game for the rest of this season, and it’s not like he’ll be missing anything.

Don’t worry Spike, there’s always next year.


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