Shai Gilgeous Alexander Rocks The AI Stepover Photo On His Sweatshirt Before He Faces Tyronn Lue And The Clippers Tonight

First off…the fact Branded never made that sweatshirt is a miss on our part. Yea it would probably cost $300 at DSGN Tree but that’s a small investment to impress your friends for the rest of your life.

Secondly, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has balls showing up to the game tonight against his old team and coach wearing a sweatshirt that features said coach getting emasculated in the most famous picture of the early 2000s NBA. Not to mention the event that created this photo happened in the NBA Finals in front of millions of people and billions more on the internet since then. If you polled a bunch of Philly area 5th graders they probably think the Sixers won that title. No chance they have time to stop Tik-Toking long enough to research who actually won. For all we know they think that’s the game winning shot. I mean I sometimes try to trick myself we technically won that series. And we did win Game 1, in LA, so technically if David Stern was a real man he would’ve played “Best of 1” like they do on the blacktop. Sounds like a money-grab to milk at least 4 games out of the Finals. But anyway, think of all the most memorable plays of champions past. The LeBron block on Iguodala. The Ray Allen corner 3. Ron Artest’s 3 off the assist from Kobe. “Anything Is Possible” … not a play but a moment, you get it. The AI Stepover was the defining moment of my childhood sports fandom.

Listen, when you come close so many times, but can never finish (not talking my sex life people) you gravitate towards memories that make you feel like you’re on top of the world. This picture was my phone background for 3 years. No family, no significant others, nothing. It was just AI stepping over a guy when I was 8 years old.

I always laugh at Tyronn Lue’s teammate. Just in a suit, not even good enough to make the playoff roster, but still looks down on Tyronn Lue like he’s Lue’s father and he’s embarrassed beyond belief. Doesn’t matter they just went through a whole season together and he see’s those guys more than his own family. He won’t be caught dead helping him up. He doesn’t want to even be associated with Tyronn Lue at that point.

P.S. The Tom McGinnis’ “He’s way to good!” call is easily the best one.

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