Meet Snacks: The Magnificent Beast and Bucket Getter From Jackson State


This is “Snacks”. He is a team manager for Jackson State and he is a magnificent beast who gets straight buckets. He got to play on Senior Night and the rest is history.

Everyone loves a good manager playing on Senior Night story but Snacks has taken that role to the next level. He came into the game and splashed a three the national will never forget. Mostly because I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone hit from DEEP without even jumping or using their legs. If you think about it, Trae Young has to use every ounce of energy in his tiny little body to hit from this range. Snacks just pulls up like it’s nothing.

Big Cat also made a shocking revelation about the Jackson State Star:

I’m not sure if this is true but we need to run with it like a folk tale. Do you think some guy actually beat in a machine in making railroad tracks? This is at least somewhat more believable.

This Snacks story would be my favorite story in the recent news cycle if that ABC affiliate station didn’t give that poor woman an umbrella because her house burnt down.

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