Hide Your Children, Hide Your Wife Shaq Has Hair And It’s Something

Prayers up to my man Shaq. This is a scene. Shaq with hair is a lot like a car accident, it is scary and you know somebody got hurt during the process but you just can’t look away.

Apparently Shaq lost a bet with Dwayne Wade about who would win the Bucks vs Heat game the other day and Wade is just a cruel person for this payment. Shaq said he grew his hair out and lined it up and I don’t know how to tell if that’s his actual hair or just painted on like Carlos Boozer.

I don’t think Shaq has had hair since like 1993 and for his sake I hope he painted it on because if not my man has one of the worst hairlines of all time. His forehead is longer than his stint with the Celtics. Realistically though if that is his real hair we should measure his forehead, I’m guessing it is legitimately pushing 10 inches of just forehead. Shaq needs to donate his hairline to science to find out why it starts at the crown of his head.

If your friend loses a bet don’t be like Wade. If he has shitty hairline don’t make him go on national television looking like an extra from Coneheads.

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