BREAKING: Doublelift Benched By Team Liquid


Team Liquid has seen its struggles this year and if you’ve been keeping up with me and my betting guide I haven’t been easy on them. TL is looking to win their 5th straight LCS split and are benching their highest paid and most notable player, Doublelift, for Tactical. Tactical played in place of a sick Doublelift this past weekend and was great, he was exceptional and very fun to watch. At no point did I think he would take Doublelifts spot but this is a team trying to win a world championship for North America.

I would expect Doublelift to get his starting job back before the split is over but if he doesn’t there is zero chance he plays for TL for summer split. I don’t know if he would be looking at retirement or if he would be looking to sign with another team but if this split ends with Doublelift on the sideline I promise you he won’t be wearing the TL Jersey much longer.

I like the move as a short term solution for TL. Light a fire under Doublelifts ass because has been bad this split. Not just underperforming, he has been bad. I do think just handing the key to the kingdom over to Tactical is a mistake. Punish Doublelift and make him fight for his spot but let the face of your franchise and arguably the best North American player of all time help you win a World championship.

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