Dan Orlovsky Demolishes Foles to Philly Argument With Queen Clown Sitting By

The NFL offseason, specially the March portion, is a barren wasteland full of non-stories. Tom Brady is going back to New England. Stop talking about it. Taysom Hill isn’t a franchise quarterback. Stop talking about it. Nick Foles isn’t coming back to Philadelphia. Dan Orlovsky, make the people stop taking about it!!!

There is a movie called Idiocracy starring Luke Wilson that came out awhile back. Wilson’s character ends up well in the future and the average human intelligence has dwindled so much, he is now the smartest man alive and surrounded by idiots. That is Dan Orlovsky on the set of Get Up.

Orlovsky makes stellar points about the Eagles needing to spend the money elsewhere. The Eagles need to get younger, and they need playmakers. It’s going to cost them. Dedicating a hefty portion of the remaining salary cap to Foles would be a mistake. And of course, his point about undermining everything Wentz has done by bringing Foles back is accurate too. That chapter has ended. It was glorious, but it has ended.

Nick Foles and the Eagles are high school lovers. They made great memories and were once in love. But, going their seeptate ways were inevitable. Now, they are at different points in life and there’s no recreating the chemistry they once had.

Get Up as a whole is utter nonsense but you know who this makes the least amount of sense for? NICK FOLES. There is a large crop of teams that have moved on from their starting quarterback but will inevitably lose out on Tom Brady. The Chargers, the Colts, even possibly the Buccaneers or Raiders. Panthers probably aren’t far behind. Nick Foles still has a legitimate chance to still be a starter in this league. Why would he want to waste away on the Philadelphia bench?

Only downside of this comedy is Josina Anderson being given legitimate airtime. Probably only fitting the biggest clown on the network is apart of this. While failed GM, Mike Tannenbaum, rattles off his argument Nick Foles, Anderson is in the back hyping him up. Why is she providing ad-libs like the Migos do for each other on tracks? I get why WIP and those sorts try to create this Foles vs Wentz debate, it generates callers and interest. She’s a journalist, a “reporter”. Her anti-Wentz rhetoric is confusing and just flat out moronic.

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