TMZ Is Upset About A Dick Joke But Has No Problem With Dead Moms

TMZ is full of a bunch of pricks, I think we all can agree with that. The rumor is Venessa Bryant has to find out about Kobe and Gigi via TMZ which is insane that they would let that happen. But when you have a company run by blood thirsty spineless ass hats, that type of thing is going to happen.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this headline today.

In the article the ‘writer’ says the following:


If you didn’t see the clip here it is.

A little harsh for that type of comment if you ask me. Kid made a joke and a pretty funny/harmless one. Feels like a weird time for TMZ to get on their high and mighty horse. ESPECIALLY when not even a day earlier they posted this bullshit.

Are you guys ok over there? How else is someone supposed to look when they find out their mother has died? Unless your mom was the wicked witch of the East, no one is going to look anything but distraught you idiots. The worst part about this whole thing is you know they probably reached out to him too in an attempt to get a quote or some bullshit.

Good to know though where they draw the line. Moment you find out you’ve lost a parent, fair game. College kid makes a joke about having a tiny dick, can’t have that crime go unnoticed. Get bent TMZ. Only a matter of time until that site gets the Deadspin treatment for publishing something that brings down a monster lawsuit. Can’t wait to watch it burn.

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