The Yankees Need To Sign Yasiel Puig Immediately

We have now entered March and Yasiel Puig does not have a team. Are MLB teams THAT scared of him? An awful team like the Tigers really thinks someone like Cameron Maybin is a better option than Yasiel Puig?

Well, Yankees it’s time to do the deal with Puig.

Currently the team is falling apart with injuries again already and we haven’t even hit Opening Day yet. The injuries are especially hitting their outfield hard and hmm… Where does Puig play?

Here is a little run down of the Yankees outfield:

Stanton: Played like 4 games last season and is already hurt with a calf. Won’t be ready for Opening Day and I wouldn’t count on him much soon after.

Judge: His injured shoulder seems to get weirder and weirder. He is currently in a “holding pattern.” He hasn’t taken a swing this Spring yet and I doubt he will be ready for Opening Day either.

Hicks: He is recovering from Tommy John surgery and won’t be ready until later in the season.

Gardner: Brett is currently healthy, but dealing with a major stalker. I love Gardy but he’s like 58 years old. Can the Yankees really rely on him as an everyday outfielder? I’m so happy he is back but I think he has much better value if they are not depending on him so much every day.

Frazier: I have always liked Clint. I was at the game where he hit his first Yankee Stadium Home Run, a walk-off. He changed his stance and belted a dinger last week, but how has is defense improved? And, do the Yankees still hate him? It seems no matter what the kid does the Yankees don’t want to play him and is always involved in trade rumors.

Tauchman: Again, I very much enjoy the Sockman. But… Can the Yanks really rely on him as an everyday starting OF for a team that is World Series or bust?

Wade: A fantastic utility man. Love him on the team. Don’t want him as a Yankee everyday outfielder.

Andujar: Yes, you read that right. The Yankees have been trying Miguel out in left field. If Gio continues to play a good hot corner I don’t hate it. But again, this is a World Series or bust team… Starting a 3B in LF.

So I say again… Sign Yasiel Puig.

What does it hurt? The Yankees are known for bringing guys in with “questionable” pasts. Putting the pinstripes on them and making them model citizens.

They sign him. He is there for a month… It’s a disaster… They cut him. No harm No foul. They won’t need to pay him a crazy contract at this point. You telling me on March 2nd if the Yanks call with a low offer 1 year deal Puig won’t jump at the chance to play in the Bronx?

And, if it does work… You added a very good to possibly great player. Who averages mid 20 homers, 75 RBIs and will bat in the upper .200’s.

AND… Will bring a fire and passion to this team that Yankee fans will love. The Bleacher Creatures will fall in love with Puig. I want to see what he does during role call already.

Image – Golf Digest

Puig needs the Yankees and let’s face it, the Yankees need Puig. Get the deal done and let’s see what happens. This team and this organization is so strong that they are the perfect team to take a Chance on Puig.

Upside: He helps this team win the World Series. (He’s always been good in the playoffs.)

Mediumside: He helps them stay a float until the horses get healthy.

Downside: He is a disaster and they cut him. Who cares?

Do it.


Feature Image – LA Times

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