The Three People Tony Romo Needs To Thank For His New $17 Mill A Year Deal

Tony Romo has been wonderful since joining CBS post playing career. He brings amazing knowledge and a fresh approach to the announcing booth.

His deal with CBS was coming to an end and he and his agent have been deep in contract negotiations with CBS as well as ESPN, to bring him on to do Monday Night Football.

Reports were that ESPN was “All In” on Romo. And, when the dust settled Romo would sign a $13-$14 Million a year deal…

A deal that would dwarf John Madden’s former record deal… Where he was paid $8 million a year, which in 1994 paid him more than EVERY player in the NFL.

Welp, they were all wrong… And, Romo was paid even more than predicted. He is staying at CBS for $17 Million a year. It is a 3 year deal that could become a 10 year deal once the NFL and networks renegotiate.

There are a few people that Tony needs to take out for a steak dinner, or at the very least thank publicly… Because without them there is no chance he gets this much money.

1. John Gruden:

Image – Imgur

If John didn’t decide to leave ESPN to coach the Raiders again he would still be in the MNF booth. He was really good as what he did and people loved his fire and passion during the games. However, since he left the Monday Night Announcing Teams have been god awful.

“Thanks for leaving John!” -Romo

2. Jason Witten:

Image – Washington Times

Tony absolutely needs to also thank his former teammate and best friend Jason Witten. After retiring, Big Witt tried to follow his QB’s footsteps into announcing. God I love Witten but he was just so bad. No flow, no rhythm… Just shit, it was shit. It was so bad that he decided to make a comeback with the Cowboys… And he can barley run anymore.

“Thanks for Sucking Witt!” -Romo

3. Booger McFarland:

Image – Larry Brown Sports

ESPN couldn’t get worse than Witten right? Wrong. After sticking Booger on the Boogermobile for a season, they decided to replace Witten with him. Wow, he was even worse. He tries predicting plays and he picks wrong at an alarming rate. He should actually leave the booth and become the new Captain Obvious in the commercials. It’s to the point where every Monday Night… BOOGER would be trending on Twitter and not in a good way. He is a national joke.

“Thanks for sucking even more than Witt.” -Romo

Without those chain of events there is no chance Romo gets $17. If Gruden just stays he would have probably got $9 a year from CBS.

But… With ESPN being SO desperate for an upgrade for MNF it just kept driving his price up and giving Tony all the leverage. To the point that CBS said fuck it how about 17 a year? And Romo probably laughed and said “yeah I think that might work.”

Some players like Micheal Thomas are mad about how much money Tony will make. But what they need to realize is CBS is paying Tony, not the NFL. If they want to throw millions at him they have every right and it has 0 to do with what players are making.

Good for you Tony. Do I think he’s worth that much as an announcer? God no. Will I watch the game just to hear him talk? Nope. BUT… I have turned off MNF with how bad their announcing teams are, so maybe CBS is right. And $17 million a year to them is chump change.

But Tony… Send your thank you cards. It’s only right.


Feature Image – NY Post

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