Mugshot Monday: @Mugshawtys


Happy Mugshot Monday everyone!

Today I am going with a different approach for our Mugshot Monday Feature.

Instead of featuring a famous person or a really funny arrest story/mugshot… I am featuring a Twitter Account.

No, the account was not arrested and thrown in Twitter Jail.

The account is: mugshawtys on Twitter and mugshawtys on Instagram.

They feature a ton of different mugshots, usually “good looking chicks” hence.. Shawtys.

It was featured on a Barstool Blog last week saying that they are being flooded with girls sending in their own mugshots in hopes of being featured.

What a brilliant concept.

If you aren’t following them yet… What are you waiting for? Mugshawtys is the perfect thing to keep you going Tuesday-Sunday while you impatiently wait for our weekly Mugshot Monday blog.

The creator Jay is a great follow as well..

Until Next Monday… You keep Muggin’ and let the camera keep shootin’


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