This Has To Be Mike Trout’s Biggest Hit of All Time

For those who have not seen this video please watch this:

This is super hero type stuff. He sent that ball to the moon. Some may say that it his job to hit a ball hard but little twist here it was a golf ball.

Also notice it looks like he is hitting a 3 wood not a driver, and it looks to go dead straight. If he was on a golf course he would win longest drive, there is not doubt in my mind. Dustin Johnson would be shaking in his boots if Mike Trout showed up to fire some absolute piss missiles at the green. For those wondering at home, yes the ball cleared the fence and the fence is 294 yards from where he hit it. But no total on the full distance. My guess is some dudes windshield.

It is a shame that Trout is hidden in Anaheim and I never get to see him play because I live on the East coast and I cant stay up til 3am to watch a baseball game. Twitter for this exact purpose is great.

Also notice I think Trout makes so much money he has hired about 30 dudes that look exactly like him to celebrate when he does amazing things. (Also if he is looking for a new dude to join the crew I am wide open to it.)

Anyway Baseball is close and so is another Trout MVP season.

Go Mets!


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