Former Phillie Says He’ll Return His World Series Ring Because Of The Astros’ Scandal


TMZ: “Ex-Astros pitcher Ken Giles says he’s absolutely devastated by Houston’s sign-stealing scandal … and despite having no idea his teammates were cheating, he’s willing to return his World Series ring.

Giles — now a member of the Toronto Blue Jays — revealed his feelings over the bombshell scandal, saying he was hurt to find out through the commissioner’s report.

“It crushed me to learn about the stuff that went on when I was there,” Giles said via the Toronto Sun.”

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Atta boy Giles. Guy has nothing to do with the entire thing but still willing to give the ring back out of second hand embarrassment. I actually forgot he was on that team because he is now in Toronto. He was flying under the radar. No one was thinking about Giles. But that’s the type of stand up guy he is. While all the other Astros’ players are doubling and tripling down, he’s going the other way. You have to respect it. I don’t see the MLB asking for the rings back seeing as they won’t even punish the players. But still good to know someone out there feels bad about this.


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