Breaking Down The $10,000 Dollar Boobies Spongebob Remix

I have not laughed harder in a long time.

Watch this Video and then let’s break it all down.

1- Great Connection on the first slap then this guy went full Mayweather and played some Defense.

2-  She Is already famous on worldstar ( unreal accomplishment )

3-  No Idea what the Mac and Cheese Comment refers to but it’s a top 5 side so i’m okay with it.

4- She’s the Shit, she’s the hottest and the Most paid.  ( Facts are facts )

5- Has 10,000 dollar Tities

This video had it all. Except one thing. Hey Camera Man lets work on your filming skills. This Polite young lady was trying to show the world(star) her 10,000 dollar yabos. Don’t be selfish and just take a look for yourself, show the world(stars)

Also adding the Spongebob music all time.

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