FaZe Suspends FaZe Dubs For Using The N Word

If you don’t know who FaZe Dubs is this is one hell of an introduction. Dubs is a 16 year old Fortnite streamer who is in the news today because of this video.

There is a lot wrong with this video, obviously, but once you get past the white dude dropping the most casual hard R of all time you hear his friends. I’m not the first or only person to point this out but no one checks him for saying what he said, it is all “I’m streaming right now”. The way he said it this is very clearly just something he says with the lads, this isn’t a slip of the tongue. It never is when these videos come out and I think that is why the apology is never good.

Do I think this kid and his friends regularly use the n word? For sure. Do I think he’s racist? Probably not but I do think when these videos come out you have to treat them like they are hateful people, especially when they have an audience that is mostly kids.

Dubs career is most likely not over and in a few months no one will ever talk about this. The gaming community as a whole but specifically the Fortnite community need to not be so okay with the standard apology that everyone gives when things like this happen.

This is not a good apology but if you read the replies there are people who just accept it. The people who are accepting it are mostly just white people, the apology isn’t for you guys. You have to say sorry if you’re Dubs but this is such a forced PR apology. Whenever someone gets caught saying some racist shit they all say the same thing when in reality you’re not sorry you said it. You’re sorry you didn’t know your boy was streaming. This isn’t the first time a FaZe member was caught saying the N word either. When these things keep happening and the same company is writing these guys checks maybe that company should look at itself and maybe that is what FaZe is doing.

“Sensitivity training” feels a lot like “shut the fuck when you’re being recorded/streaming”.

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